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Enjoy Exclusive Events & Competitions. Get Free Chips at Signup & Every 3 Hours. Global Poker ist der neuste Sponsor bei Poker Central. Der Poker Room wird Live Events wie den Super High Roller Bowl oder Poker After. Global Poker - The ultimate poker experience. The world's best Texas Hold'em Poker game. Play with friends or meet people from around the world. --Features Der Global Poker Index, kurz GPI, ist eine Pokerrangliste, die wöchentlich aktualisiert Pokerspieler nach ihren Erfolgen in renommierten Live-Turnieren listet. Die Global Poker League, kurz GPL, ist eine vom Global Poker Index gegründete Pokerliga. Sie wurde bisher zweimal ausgespielt.

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Global Poker ist der neuste Sponsor bei Poker Central. Der Poker Room wird Live Events wie den Super High Roller Bowl oder Poker After. Global Poker Index. Gefällt Mal · 86 Personen sprechen darüber. Global Poker Index is the Poker Ranking Authority. Look for your name and find. World Poker Championship Pure Hold 'em (PS4) - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Global Poker Index. Gefällt Mal · 86 Personen sprechen darüber. Global Poker Index is the Poker Ranking Authority. Look for your name and find. The Poker Ranking Authority. Players: , Screened events: , Latest Weekly Update: 15 Jan, Next update in 6 days. Twitter Facebook Global. Global Poker League. Global Poker League · Doug Polk macht sich über die Global Poker League lustig · Rainer Vollmar - 4. Dezember Global Poker. erklärtes Ziel - nun hat er es in den Farben des Team Winamax geschafft: Adrián Mateos Diaz ist seit gestern der Spitzenreiter im Global Poker Index-​Rating. #GPI is the No.1 Poker Ranking Authority ♧ GPI World Rankings | ♢ GPI Player of the Year Rankings | ♤ GPI Player of the Month Rankings | Global Poker. Gute Online Spiele Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung sites algorithms are complete and Stoiximan nonsense. Texas Hold'em Crazy Pineapple. As of Expektthis product is still in open Hrvatska Grcka Uzivo. Romain Pierre Lewis. On or around March 18,Global Poker added Skrill as a payment option for its customers.

Netherlands GPI 9. Hong Kong GPI Czech Republic GPI Malaysia GPI Australia GPI Taiwan GPI Italy GPI Player of the Month Dec 8 Score: 2, Bay Shooting Star.

DeepStack Extravaganza I. Australian Poker Open. Super High Roller Bowl Australia. Deepstack Showdown Poker Series.

Stephen Song. Joseph Cheong. Darren Elias. Jake Schwartz. Lucas Greenwood. Ryan Yu. Daniel Dvoress. Duff Charette. Qi Hu. Demo Kiriopoulos. Jaspal Brar.

Guillaume Nolet. Michael Watson. Tommy Nguyen. Mike Leah. Jack Sinclair. Ben Heath. Jack Salter. Sam Grafton. Ludovic Geilich.

Ben Farrell. Benjamin Winsor. Louis Salter. Niall Farrell. Charlie Carrel. Tom Hall. Chris Da-Silva. Toby Lewis. Carl Shaw.

Sonny Franco. Alexandre Reard. Paul Tedeschi. Kalidou Sow. Romain Pierre Lewis. Julien Alexan Sitbon. Julien Martini. Florian Ribouchon. Benjamin Pollak.

Antoine Saout. Pierre Merlin. Ivan Deyra. Bertrand Grospellier. Jeremy Palvini. Arthur Conan. Anatoly Filatov. Andrey Pateychuk.

Anatoliy Zyrin. Nikolay Fal. Arsenii Karmatckii. Nikolay Ponomarev. Artur Martirosyan. Aleksandr Gofman.

Garik Tamasyan. Alexander Denisov. Nikita Bochkin. Maksim Pisarenko. Dmitry Gromov. Dmitry Vitkind. Sergey Konovalov. Rainer Kempe.

Robert Heidorn. Manig Loeser. Anton Morgenstern. Christoph Vogelsang. Hossein Ensan. Marvin Guido Rettenmaier. Ole Schemion. Leonard Maue.

Nino Ullmann. Piet Pape. Koray Aldemir. Patrice Brandt. Oskar Prehm. Robin Hegele. Yang Zhang. Quan Zhou. Xixiang Luo. Yake Wu. Jingxuan Zhu.

Nan Hong. Hao Tian. Dong Chen. Xiaqing Ji. Yunsheng Sun. Weiyi Zhang. Guo Dong. Chen Hao. Bin Sun. Yin Liu. Javier Zarco. Sergi Reixach. It also means that Global's parent company, VGW Holdings, is under no obligation to keep player funds segregated or to maintain enough cash reserves to pay them out.

Speaking of getting shut down, what happens when this goes to court? Global doesn't exactly provide a wealth of benefits to new customers.

This at least gives newcomers the chance to check out the poker action in both currencies on the house albeit for very small stakes.

There's no deposit bonus of any kind. The software used at Global Poker was developed by Cubeia, a Swedish enterprise that focuses on building applications for the online gambling industry.

This platform was designed to be fully mobile-compatible, and it uses only HTML5 and JavaScript, so there's no bulky download to install.

This means that it works on virtually every computing device, but there are certain shortcomings. Waiting lists are absent, so if you want to sit at a full table, you'll have to open it up and hope that another player departs soon.

There are only a handful of lobby settings, like four color deck and mute sound, as opposed to the dozens of configurable options at mainstream online poker sites.

It's not possible to download hand history files. Instead, you can view a listing of the hands you've played within your browser and then select them one at a time to replay.

There are six-max and nine-player tables, but heads-up games are absent. Limit Hold'em was added to Global in August , but there was hardly ever anyone playing it, and all tables were eventually removed from the lobby.

Crazy Pineapple is present too. However, in October , it went the way of LHE and was eliminated because there was hardly any participation.

Check it out if you want to know more about the Global Poker tables:. In December , Global Poker introduced Surge.

This is a form of fast-fold poker wherein participants can fold their hands at any time to move immediately to a new table with new hole cards.

This eliminates much of the downtime in cash game poker, allowing users to see three or four times as many hands in a given time period than at a normal table.

As of April , this product is still in open beta. Especially worrisome are the rake amounts for heads-up, three-handed, and four-max play. It's typical for a card room, whether brick-and-mortar or online, to give users a significant discount on the rake charged when playing shorthanded.

This is done because the edges are smaller, the action is faster, and much more rake is charged per player, per hand, and per hour.

However in Global Poker's case, these rake caps tend to be only slightly lower when the tables are short than when they're full. Versus their competition, GP gets two thumbs down in this category.

You can learn more about online poker rake and the lowest-raking sites in our comprehensive comparison of the rake charged by leading internet poker organizations.

For a rundown of sites for sit-and-goes that don't charge such exorbitant fees, look at our list of best SNG sites for Americans. Multiplier values range from 2x up to 2,x.

All Jackpot Sit'N'Gos are winner-takes-all apart from when the highest multiplier is hit. There are guarantees on many of these MTTs, but they're pretty small.

On the weekends, the MTT lineup grows and distributes greater amounts of money. However, some of the most interesting events on the schedule aren't open to all — hopeful participants must complete challenges see below to gain the opportunity to join these tournaments.

From time to time, Global Poker also runs tournament series with larger guarantees than the normal, everyday schedule. Some of these tourney series feature additional prizes, like trophies for the winners and leaderboard giveaways.

In some cases, there's a Tournament of Champions that hands out extra cash and is only open to those who placed highly in series tournaments.

In early , Global Poker began adding casino games to its portfolio. Suffice it to say, two games soon to be three! At the same time, the presence of any casino within Global Poker will serve to distract and annoy poker buffs who have no interest in slots or blackjack.

It may even indicate that Global is moving in the direction that PokerStars began heading in several years ago wherein it shifted its focus from poker, at which it previously excelled, and toward higher-margin casino operations.

If you are searching for a place to indulge in your fondness for slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, and many other such games, then we recommend that you read our list of the best online casinos for Americans.

The majority of the promos at Global Poker come through the challenges system. By completing certain tasks, players can earn rewards.

Most of these perks are entry into tournaments whether freerolls or contests that require that a further buyin be paid.

The challenges typically reset every day or week, so you have to keep playing to re-earn the same rewards each time you wish to partake in them.

These promos are short-lived, however, and during most of the year, you'll find only scant opportunities for complimentary rewards at Global Poker.

At first, all transactions, deposits and withdrawals, were handled exclusively through PayPal at Global Poker. Besides the reasons we enumerated before as to why PayPal might not have been the best processor to use, there was also the further demerit of trusting in a single third party for payouts.

Even without considering the more worrisome aspects of Global's sweepstakes vision, relying upon one and only one partner for cashouts is courting trouble.

Payment firms come and go all the time, and even those that endure often change their rules and restrictions from time to time.

It turns out that our fears were warranted as Global ended support for PayPal at the end of June It's not exactly clear what went on behind the scenes to cause such a step to be taken, but we highly suspect that it was PayPal that booted Global and not the other way around.

We've long felt that the addition of multiple payout channels, perhaps including Bitcoin , would help to insulate Global Poker and its customers from any falling out with PayPal.

This would have prevented users from being at the mercy of PayPal's decisions regarding their money. We covered the case of Stefan Christopher, a high-stakes pro that has had his money tied up for more than six months because of PayPal's actions.

Sadly, Global doesn't seem to have learned from its experiences. For about nine months, it conducted all money transactions through Worldpay.

Again, it was relying upon a single avenue for payments and putting all its eggs in one basket. With the March decision to add Skrill as a deposit method, this situation may have been alleviated somewhat, but we'll have to wait and see how things shake out.

Global Poker swapped over to using Worldpay for its transactions near the end of June However, it turned out that the changes at Global were not just confined to expanding the payment options available to users.

The initial batch of customers who gained access to Worldpay-based credit card deposits and bank transfer withdrawals were banned from PayPal transactions!

Even worse, Global decided for each user which cashier method that person would be able to employ! Individual players had no input in this decision.

Some affected users contacted support and asked to be returned to PayPal, but no dice: They were informed that they had been permanently flagged to use Worldpay.

This is a problem for people who don't want to receive their withdrawals back to a bank account either because they lack such an account of because they don't wish to commingle the other funds in their account with online poker money.

Another issue is that these bank transfers take between three and five business days to be completed whereas Global used to offer same-day or next-day payments through PayPal.

Before making a cashout through bank transfer, players must submit a bank statement showing their banking details, which introduces further delays into the process.

Instead of increasing the number of payment channels from one to two, Global merely switched some users, without their consent, from one to another.

Whatever the reasons for this adjustment, the way the company went about it was deceptive and shows a lack of concern for customers. In any event, Global soon moved all customers over to the Worldpay system and discontinued support for PayPal entirely.

Account holders were informed of the change June 26 — with the effective date of June 30 just four days away! Needless to say, there was a lot of outrage at this decision.

Because all Worldpay withdrawals occur through bank transfers, anyone who wants to keep his or her bank accounts separate from online poker activities must find another place to play besides Global.

The short notice Global gave of this move has probably led to a few players not making their final PayPal cashout in time and having to either use a form of payout that they would rather have avoided or else forfeit their account balances.

We have a copy of the email Global composed announcing the change, and you can take a look at it below:.

On or around March 18, , Global Poker added Skrill as a payment option for its customers. Skrill is an e-wallet, kind of like PayPal, that lets users move their money around the internet and spend it with participating merchants.

Players now see Skrill formerly known as Moneybookers along with credit card as valid deposit instruments in the Global cashier:.

Almost immediately, speculation started that the new owners of Worldpay don't want to have anything to do with Global, and this is the reason for Skrill now being accepted.

Site rep Kimber was quick to deny that anything like this was taking place:. There's another problem with this Skrill news. While this firm is one of the leading gambling transaction portals around the world, it strictly prohibits its services from being used by United States customers for such purposes.

Here's the relevant section of its U. Terms of Use page:. We wouldn't be surprised if Skrill eventually opts to bar Global and its customers from transacting through its products in a reprise of the PayPal debacle.

Global Poker says that it is investigating other payment channels also. We hope that the company eventually provides a well-rounded menu of cashier options, but it seems that so far, every processor Global decides to partner with has come with significant drawbacks.

It's now possible to receive gift cards for popular merchants, like Walmart and Amazon. However, actual reports from players who have requested gift cards tend to indicate that there is little, if any, difference in payout speeds between these two methods.

It used to be the case that all SC awards corresponded exactly to the sum you laid out to obtain Gold Coins apart from a few GC-only options.

We hesitate to speculate on how many people, intending to make the minimum possible investment, failed to read the fine print and thereby were fooled whether intentionally or not into paying good, hard cash for play money chips.

This is an extremely short period of time before an account is deemed dormant. Published by Globalpoker 3 weeks ago. Through our patented sweepstakes model, we give you the opportunity to win real prizes across a variety of great poker games.

We have tried pinging Globalpoker. If Globalpoker. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:. This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached.

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Piet Pape. Koray Aldemir. Patrice Brandt. Oskar Prehm. Robin Hegele. Yang Zhang. Quan Zhou. Xixiang Luo. Yake Wu. Jingxuan Zhu. Nan Hong. Hao Tian. Dong Chen.

Xiaqing Ji. Yunsheng Sun. Weiyi Zhang. Guo Dong. Chen Hao. Bin Sun. Yin Liu. Javier Zarco. Sergi Reixach.

Sergio Aido. Lander Lijo Bereciartua. Javier Gomez Zapatero. Ramon Miquel. Jon Gurrutxaga. Paul Fontan Castrillon. Jose Manuel Planells Castillo.

Vicent Bosca Ramon. Miguel Seoane Iglesias. Zhong Chen. Tobias Peters. Joris Ruijs. Hakim Zoufri. Freek Scholten. David Hu. Raoul Refos.

Sebastiaan De Jonge. Steven van Zadelhoff. Govert Metaal. Paul van Oort. Jorryt van Hoof. Farukh Tach. Kees Aerts. Antoine Vranken. Daniel Chi Tang.

Park Yu Cheung. Yan Shing Tsang. Alan King Lun Lau. Hon Cheong Lee. Vincent Kwun Ngai Li. Chi Chung Ho. Yunye Lu. Timothy Chung.

Andy Ying Kit Chan. Dicky Siu Hang Tsang. Ben Lai. Ka Kwan Lau. Chan Tsun Ming. Yik Chiu. Philipp Zukernik. Lukas Zaskodny. Vojtech Ruzicka.

Oliva Jakub. Josef Snejberg. Tomas Fara. Martin Kabrhel. Peter Jaroslav. Ondrej Lon. Roman Papcek. Christopher Michael Soyza.

Wai Leong Chan. Chin Wei Lim. Wai Kin Yong. Seng Yee Leow. Natalie Teh. Richard Yong. Victor Chong. Choon Tong Siow. Lee Wai Kiat.

Jun Wah Yap. Kun Kiet Wong. Ming Ken Thoo. Chung Fai Ngeow. Michael Addamo. Martin Kozlov. Hussein Hassan. Jonathan Karamalikis. Sean Ragozzini.

Vincent Huang. Michael O'Grady. Ashish Gupta. Shivan Abdine. Sam Higgs. Michael Egan. David Wang. Dale Marsland.

Bjorn Ostby. Pete Yen Han Chen. Jack En Ching Wu. Eric Ting Yi Tsai. Hui Chen Kuo. Zong Chi He. Global Poker has an extensive FAQ page that may assist you with any questions.

User Account Sign in. Use your social profile to sign in faster. Or use your PokerNews account: Bad username or password Sign in.

Selected Region Global. At most internet poker sites, this is a mere formality, but at Global, it can lead to trouble.

Many people have had to send in their paperwork multiple times, often without Global Poker even acknowledging receipt of it.

On the upside, once all this identity verification is finally completed, users report getting paid within a few days although it takes a longer time now than it did with PayPal.

There's something even worse about submitting documents to Global Poker: The company has inadvertently revealed ID, proof of address, and banking information to outside parties.

The reason for this is that the firm failed to tick a box in its ZenDesk software that would have required customers to be logged in before viewing their own documents.

As a result, anyone possessing the URL pointing to the files could access them. This security hole was finally plugged in June after being brought to the attention of Global Poker management on the Twoplustwo forums.

You can read more about this topic in our article on the Global Poker document security failure. There's something else that's extremely relevant to the topic of Global Poker cashouts, and this is that only people in the United States and Canada can request them.

Perhaps Jonas and his confederates don't think of Canada as a real country? For those of you in Canada, we highly recommend you read our guide to the best Canadian online poker sites and avoid the ambiguity about whether or not Global will actually pay you if you win or not.

Washington State was added to the list of jurisdictions in which Global Poker does not transact in June Management decided to exit Washington in the wake of a case involving Big Fish Casino , which is a play chips casino that was deemed to be violating the state's anti-gambling laws.

Learn more about online poker in Washington state. Those from countries outside North America can play at the site, and even make deposits, but they are currently unable to claim any of their winnings.

This dubious policy can lead to unhappy situations, like one that was posted on Twoplustwo wherein someone from the United Kingdom deposited a four-figure sum only to find out later on that he could not ever withdraw any of his winnings nor receive a refund of his deposit.

Global would probably contend that it allows players from most of the world to purchase Gold Coins for the purpose of enjoying the play money games, but this is a deceptive line of reasoning, and there are probably quite a few people from outside North America who are fooled in this manner.

Here at Professional Rakeback we maintain a payout report that is updated monthly and covers a wide range of websites that offer poker, sports betting, and casino games.

In this report we also cover Global Poker cashouts , so take a look for yourself if you are curious how we score them and various other gambling sites.

Many players at Global have raised concerns about the way this operation does business. Although for its initial few months, the room appeared to be doing things totally legitimately, its decisions since that time have left many disappointed.

The entire cashier and payouts situation has subjected many users to inconveniences and irritations. Identity verification often requires multiple submissions of documents, which are sometimes rejected for inexplicable reasons.

PayPal users who appreciated the speed and ease-of-use of this processor are livid at the switch over to Worldpay transactions. Apparently random account suspensions, player-unfriendly handling of technical glitches in MTT series , security holes with customers' personal documents, and declining player liquidity have users worried about the long-term future of Global.

Occasional snafus are bound to pop up from time to time at any internet poker site, but the management of Global seems utterly clueless as to how best to address these issues, causing plenty of ire in the player community.

We're always cautious when confronting accusations of any poker site's random number generator RNG being rigged. In almost all cases, there's no real evidence of the game being rigged but rather plenty of evidence that the accuser is a losing player with a faulty understanding of statistics.

Yet, when it comes to Global Poker, the sheer number of players saying the room is dealing out hands unfairly is remarkable.

Here are a few examples:. This sites algorithms are complete and utter nonsense. Almost all hands are won on the river, many times runner runner.

I bought in but will never play it again. I have played a ton of live poker over the last 10 plus years. Sometimes nights a week for the span of months.

I realize that on occasion and sometimes a bit more than that there are freakish wins but on this site it is filled will baffling "one outers" that just seem to happen continually against you.

I HAVE made money here and cashed out three times but I quit for months because of the unbelievable weirdness that isn't consistent with real poker.

I have never in my life had so many bad beats that happen over an over an over. I well never play there again players be warned.

We don't necessarily agree with any of these posters. After all, they're merely providing anecdotal evidence without solid statistics or extensive hand histories to back up their claims.

It's true that Global appears to see a higher frequency of rigged stories than other sites, but then again, this might be due to their marketing more toward casual players rather than sophisticated poker veterans.

We also must take into account the fact that Global's software is based on that released by Cubeia, a Swedish gaming software firm.

While it might be possible to alter this third-party code in order to introduce a bogus RNG, we believe that anyone attempting to rig the games would rather develop their own application from scratch instead.

Fiddling with Cubeia's supplied RNG would just add one more stakeholder that's incentivized to expose any wrongdoing so as to preserve their own reputation.

Indeed, the fact that Cubeia has not leveled any such accusations against Global is a point in favor of the games being fairly run. We actually find it ironic that so many cautionary tales about Global's supposedly rigged games have sprung up.

As we have covered in other parts of our review, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to avoid Global other than over-exaggerated tales about improbable sequences of bad beats.

To find a better online poker room to call home, head over to our guide to the leading USA-friendly online poker sites. Mixed reviews from players.

There are complaints about everything from the RNG to, tough games, to a confusing lobby where people accidentally spend hours playing play money games instead of the real money games they intended to play.

On the plus side, players in some regulated states appreciate having another place to play if only for a while before the regulators notice what is going on.

Users can contact support through email 24 hours a day. There's also an active Global Poker Facebook profile that responds to messages.

Global sponsors its own forum at Twoplustwo, but it's not as good as it could be. Sometimes days or weeks go by before the forum reps address player concerns.

There is no telephone number that players can call to speak directly with customer service personnel. Global Poker aspires to provide fully legal online poker to the United States by adhering to a sweepstakes model, but many entities have endeavored to do so in the past, and their efforts have come to naught.

Global may have violated PayPal rules, which is probably the reason it no longer transacts with this respected e-wallet organization. Customers have been greatly inconvenienced not only by this sudden switch in payment processors but also by having their personal information visible for the world to see.

Instead, you may wish to try our top recommended site, Ignition Poker. If you still have any questions about Global Poker and the way it's set up, then look below in our FAQ because we've collected a wealth of information on this topic.

Click on each question to view the answer. Before going live with Global Poker, VGW opened the Chumba Casino, which operates according to a similar sweepstakes model and is still going strong today.

Where are they located? There are VGW personnel in many places around the globe, but there are large concentrations of them in Sydney, Perth, and Manila.

The address of the VGW head office is:. However, these programs don't work at Global Poker, so there's no easy way to maintain a database of your hands or get stats on your opponents.

You can get assistance with your queries by sending an email to support[at]globalpoker. There's also a dedicated support forum for Global Poker over at Twoplustwo, but it may take a while to receive a response from company representatives if you choose to make a post about your issue.

You'll have to earn your cash directly at the tables by defeating your opponents because the rewards provided by Global are very paltry.

No, it's not possible to obtain rakeback at Global Poker. This room has never been known for offering lucrative rewards to its player base, and rakeback is no exception to this general rule.

There are sometimes delays of up to 5 days in the process of verifying your personal information by submitting the appropriate documents.

Once this chore is completed it only needs to be done once , withdrawals take between a couple of days and a week. You can stay on top of Global's cashout speeds by checking our online poker payout report and learn about the fastest paying online poker, casino, and sports betting sites.

The report is updated monthly. Global Poker does have an affiliate program, but it's only open to larger sites rather than being available to smaller affiliates like most poker rooms are.

More worrisome, perhaps, is the fact that Global doesn't do traditional deals for ongoing revenue share. This means that affiliates don't have any incentive to follow up with Global and make sure its players are being properly taken care of after they're signed up.

You have to use hand-written, stamped 10 envelopes. Put the postcard or piece of paper inside the envelope. If you live in the United States, mail it to:.

Global Poker claims that this rather unusual way of denominating its games makes it legal as a form of sweepstakes rather than gambling.

We have our doubts about this, which you can read about above in our review. We are going to leave the comments section open for a while in case any of you wish to chime in and share your own personal experiences.

If you happen to be a Global Poker employee, affiliate, or owner, we would be especially keen to hear from you either publicly in the comments, or privately just contact us.

I tried to contact them and I included a pic from my chase account showing the the deposited went through. This has been 4 months now and no refund or a y response from thier support.

I sent them 5 emails and not one response. Why are they allowed to get away with this? Thank you for sharing your experiences with us about Global Poker.

We wish you would have seen our review first and saved yourself the trouble as well.

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