Salzburg Train Station

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Sign in · Sign out. Open full screen to view more. Walking directions to salzburg hbf train station. Collapse map legend. Map details. Copy map. Zoom to viewport. Take The A-Train - Music Festival @ Hauptbahnhof Salzburg Details​. Finden Sie in nächster Nähe Ihr Hotel zum Bestpreis! Zu den Angeboten. Bahnsteig/train platform. Restaurant/restaurant. S-Bahn-Linie mit Haltestelle/ suburban train line with station. Fußweg/footpath barrierefreier Weg/ barrier-free​. Über Reisezüge (Meridian, Westbahn, ÖBB railjet, EC, ICE, IC sowie REX und S-Bahnzüge) und mehr als Das Bahnhofsgebäude und die Strecke Salzburg–Wien, von der k.k. priv. Stationen seiner Geschichte von bis im Pongau in 1h 09m. Get train times, compare prices & buy cheap train tickets for Salzburg Hbf to Eben im Pongau today. Arrival station, Eben im Pongau.

Salzburg Train Station

Über Reisezüge (Meridian, Westbahn, ÖBB railjet, EC, ICE, IC sowie REX und S-Bahnzüge) und mehr als Das Bahnhofsgebäude und die Strecke Salzburg–Wien, von der k.k. priv. Stationen seiner Geschichte von bis Vienna > Salzburg: earlier departure in all stations prior to Linz; Salzburg > Vienna: later From there, trains will go to Salzburg Hbf with stops in Wien Meidling. The station garage is directly connected to the Salzburg train station and local railway station. The bus station is located directly above the garage. The shopping.

Salzburg Train Station - Führerscheinüberprüfung & Key-Card Ausgabe

And one never has to look or go far to buy one. Februar begann der Wiederaufbau der Tonnen schweren Stahlhallenkonstruktion des ehemaligen Mittelbahnsteigs. Further below you will find the current timetable valid from August 3 until September 4, Buchen Sie hier Ihre Tickets:.

Salzburg Train Station Video

Munich Germany to Salzburg Austria by train

For details of this journey and how to buy tickets, see the London to Lisbon page and simply disregard the London-Paris part.

Change in Lisbon for trains to Faro, Albufeira and Porto, book these at www. Courtesy of Ron Baker. See panorama photo Gran Clase sleeper, in evening mode with the seats folded out Sit back and see Europe!

I recommend the weissbier on the ICE, by the way, served in a tall Erdinger glass. To check train times and buy tickets use the German Railways website www.

Tip, for Cologne, take the scenic Rhine Valley route Option 2, by slower Meridian regional train in 1h Turn up and go!

At all other times it's cheaper to buy a Bayern Ticket which gives a day's unlimited travel on regional trains including Meridians across the whole of Bavaria including Salzburg, after weekdays or any time at weekends.

You can buy the Bayern ticket on the day at Salzburg station using the DB ticket machines or at the ticket office. Economy class on railJet, in open saloons with picture windows.

Simply use the German Railways website www. There are departures through the day, journey time varies, typically 4h Avoid any journey shown as including a bus or which involve 4 changes.

Most journeys involve 3 changes, one or two good options have only 2 changes, at Augsburg and Steinach.

How about a stopover in Nuremberg? Most journeys route you via Nuremberg. Nuremberg has a pleasant old town, a railway museum and the historic Party Rally Grounds.

You can stop for several hours and still do the journey in a day, or stop overnight and have a more leisurely look round.

No reservation is necessary for either IC, RB or RE trains on the Nuremberg-Rothenburg route, so you can simply stop off and use any train combo onwards to Rothenburg whenever you're ready to move on.

How flexible is that?! Or use the Add intermediate stops feature to pre-programme a stop into a cheap Sparpreis ticket. Take a good book, put your feet up and enjoy the ride Times vary, so check times online for your date of travel at www.

Stay overnight in Copenhagen For example there's usually one leaving Copenhagen around arriving Stockholm Central , or have a leisurely breakfast and a later train.

How much does it cost? The fare varies, so book early for the best prices. If travelling to Copenhagen , simply go to www.

If travelling to Stockholm or Gothenburg, go to www. I have set up this special link to bahn. Adjust the departure time and overnight stopover duration as necessary to get the trains you want.

It may take a bit of trial and error! If travelling to Oslo, go to www. Adjust the overnight stopover time as necessary to get the trains you want.

Now add a connecting ticket from Gothenburg to Oslo S ticket using either www. Option 2, by daytime trains with an overnight stop in Hamburg Day 1, travel from Salzburg to Hamburg Hbf with 1 easy change in Munich.

There are regular departures until , arriving after midnight. Stay overnight in Hamburg. The Hotel Reichshoff Hamburg is just m from the station, features art deco-based design and gets great reviews.

For Stockholm , now take a mph X train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, leaving Copenhagen at and arriving Stockholm For Malmo or Gothenburg , Öresund Link trains run hourly from Copenhagen to Gothenburg in 3h53 and every half hour or better from Copenhagen to Malmo in 39 minutes.

Go to www. Select a mid-afternoon departure time, click Add intermediate stops , enter Hamburg in the via box and a time of say in the hh:mm stopover box.

This will give you a hour stopover in Hamburg. Click here for a link to bahn. If you're going to Norway, add a connecting Gothenburg to Oslo S ticket using either www.

A Danish IC3 train at Copenhagen station. IC3s now work all the Hamburg-Copenhagen trains. Boarding a train to Copenhagen in Hamburg.

A Copenhagen-Stockholm X train boarding at Copenhagen main station X bistro car X bistro car seating area Bistro self-service Courtesy of Radoslav Sharapanov Back to top.

See the section above. Stay overnight in Kiel. In Kiel it's just a minute walk from Kiel Hbf to the Color Line ferry terminal, but allow several hours between trains and ferry for the ferry check-in and in case of any delay.

Step 2, sail from Kiel to Oslo by luxurious overnight Color Line ferry, with a full range of en suite cabins, suites, bars, restaurants and lounges.

Make sure you're on deck next morning as the ship sails through spectacular scenery up Oslo Fjord. The ship docks at the modern Color Line terminal about 2 km from the city centre.

Color Line provide transfer buses to Oslo Sentral station costing 55 krone, or there are plenty of taxis. If you have little luggage it's possible to walk.

See map of Oslo showing ferry terminal. This photo is taken from the exit of Kiel station, so you can see how close the ferry is. It's a minute walk across the harbour, with a street lift up to a connecting walkway which takes you to the ferry terminal.

You'll also have priority boarding of the ship. Photos courtesy of Andrew Leo. Boarding the Color Line ferry to Oslo in Kiel A 5 Star Suite on the ferry More cruise liner than ferry!

The restaurant. Wake up to this You can travel from Salzburg to Stockholm as shown above then take a ferry to Helsinki as shown here , but you'll probably find it easier to take a direct ferry from Germany to Helsinki.

Allow plenty of time in Travemünde for the ferry check-in. You can buy tickets at either www. You print your own ticket or can show it on your smartphone.

See the timetable from Salzburg to Ceske Budejovice here. Then look up connecting train times from Ceske Budejovice to Cesky Krumlov at jizdnirady.

Allow at least 10 minutes between trains in Ceske Budejovice, although you might well make even a 3-minute connection if your train is on time.

Incidentally, Ceske Budejovice might sound more familiar by its former Germanic name, Budweis. That's right, where the name of the beer comes from!

The town is worth a look around in its own right. Why not take an earlier train and have a wander into the old town?

To buy tickets Step 1, book from Salzburg to Ceske Budejovice at www. These trains usually have a refreshment trolley for part of the journey, but why not take a picnic and maybe some wine or beer?

Change in Ceske Budejovice for the little branch line train to Cesky Krumlov. If these timings suit you this is clearly the easiest option. If the timing of the direct train doesn't suit you, simply take any of the regular Austrian railjet trains from Salzburg to Vienna Hbf in around 2h25, then the hourly Regional Express train from Vienna Hbf to Bratislava Hlavna the main station, closest to the city centre taking 1h The cheap sparschiene fares are only valid on the specific departure you book.

I recommend selecting the specific destination station Bratislava hl. You can break the journey up in Vienna if you like.

This way, no pre-booking is necessary and you have complete freedom. You might also consider taking a train from Salzburg to Vienna, then a river trip along the Danube to Bratislava.

Vienna-Bratislava fast ferries and hydrofoils runs at least once a day in winter, up to 5 times a day in summer, 80 minutes.

At least two companies operate, see www. Departures from Salzburg at , , , , , , journey time 5h Buy Salzburg-Budapest tickets online at www.

A railjet boarding at the impressive modern Vienna Hbf. This photo pretty much sums up the Vienna-Budapest section!

The railjet has landed A railjet has arrived spot on time in Budapest's historic Keleti station , built Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Vienna by railjet train leaving Salzburg at and arriving Vienna Hbf at Or take an earlier train for some time in the Austrian capital, just don't risk any tight connections in Vienna.

A Hungarian restaurant car operates between Vienna and Budapest, treat yourself to dinner. There's wonderful almost Alpine scenery through the Carpathian mountains between Brasov and Bucharest, a real treat You can book this train at the Austrian Railways website www.

In the search results, look for the direct train marked D with no changes. The Dacia Express couchette car boarding at Vienna Hbf.

Always book a couchette, not just a seat. Couchettes convert from bunks at night to seats by day. A 1, 2 or 3-bed sleeper with washbasin.

The Dacia Express arrived at Sighisoara. Sleepers convert from beds to private sitting rooms for day use.

Courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry. Bar-bistro photos courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry. Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Budapest by smart Austrian railjet train , leaving Salzburg around and arriving Budapest Keleti at There's no restaurant car so take a picnic and bottle of wine.

To book the Budapest to Bucharest train, use the Hungarian railways website www. You collect your tickets from the yellow self-service machines at Budapest Keleti station.

Option 3, by daytime trains with overnight stop in Budapest You can leave Salzburg as late in the day as Stay overnight in Budapest.

For an inexpensive hotel with great reviews right next to Keleti Station, try the Royal Park Boutique Hotel or the inexpensive Baross City Hotel just across the road or the Elit Hotel two minutes walk away.

More hotels in Budapest. This is a really lovely scenic journey through the mountains across Austria and along the beautiful River Sava between Ljubljana and Zagreb.

Have your camera ready! Buy tickets at www. Look for a cheap sparschiene fare and print your own ticket. Avoid any departure marked BUS as this isn't a train.

There are daytime trains and a sleeper between Zagreb and Split, from where buses run to Dubrovnik, for details see the Trains from Zagreb page.

The EuroCity train Sava , arrived at Zagreb. Make sure you allow at least an hour in Budapest between trains to be on the safe side.

Step 2, travel from Budapest to Split by direct sleeper train called the Adria. This runs from mid-June to early September, leaving Budapest Keleti around every evening arriving Split around next morning.

Check to see if it is bookable online at the Hungarian Railways website www. If not, you will need to book at the station or by phone with a ticketing agency in your home country.

For Dubrovnik, take a bus from Split. There are buses every hour or even every half hour, run by several companies.

Buy a ticket at the bus station in Split. Salzburg to Belgrade by day trains with overnight stop in Zagreb - a scenic route.. A lovely scenic ride!

Stay overnight in Zagreb. Day 2, take the daily train from Zagreb to Belgrade. It cannot be booked online. There are always places available. Stay overnight in Belgrade.

I recommend the historic Hotel Moskva at the start of the main pedestrianised street through the old centre. If you're going to Montenegro Change at Podgorica for a bus to Budva or Kotor.

Salzburg to Warsaw or Krakow in a day Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Vienna by smart modern railjet train leaving Salzburg at arriving Vienna Hbf , or at arriving Personally, I'd take the earlier train to be on the safe side.

The EuroCity train has comfortable air-conditioned carriages and a restaurant car. Change in Katowice for Krakow, arriving I recommend allowing no less than 40 minutes between trains in Vienna in case of delay.

To make sure of this, book from Salzburg to Warsaw at the Austrian Railways website www. If you don't do this, you may end up with a risky 5-minute connection.

You collect tickets from the ÖBB self-service machines at any main Austrian station. Salzburg to Krakow with overnight stop in Prague You can leave as late as , or leave earlier for more of an evening in Prague.

You book each journey at Czech Railways www. Salzburg to Krakow with overnight stop in Vienna.. Day 1, travel Salzburg-Vienna on any train you like in 2h25, they leave regularly through the day.

Book at www. Option 2, by sleeper train. There are plenty of connecting trains from Salzburg to Vienna , journey time around 2h25, I'd allow over an hour between trains in Vienna just in case of delay.

You can book from Salzburg to Krakow or Warsaw as one transaction at either www. Look for options with 1 change in the search results.

It may be better to split the booking into Salzburg-Vienna and Vienna-Krakow if you'd like to spend time in Vienna or would prefer a safer connection.

Modern Polish sleeping-car of the type used Budapest-Warsaw. Photo courtesy of WieselFahrer Standard sleeper set up as a 3-berth.

It can also be sold as a single or double. Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Vienna using any train you like.

I'd allow an hour or two between trains in Vienna, so take a train around to arrive in Vienna around , but by all means take an earlier train and see something of Vienna.

This will only book one-way or round trip starting in Vienna because tickets need to be collected from an ÖBB station in Austria.

They cannot be collected in Ukraine. Booking this way you pay no fee or mark-up, just the official fare. The sleeper has become popular, it can sell out.

If you have any problems or want a one-way ticket starting in Ukraine, you can also book the Vienna-Kiev train via reliable agency www.

Polrail are based in Poland so charge in zlotys, but as they have access to Ukrainian ticketing system they are good for booking this train.

Booked through Polrail:. Boarding the Vienna to Kiev sleeping-car at Vienna Hbf. Photo courtesy of Helmut Uttenthaler. The Vienna-Kiev sleeper about to leave Vienna Hbf Courtesy of Helmut Uttenthaler.

The sleeper corridor. Courtesy Helmut Uttenthaler. The Vienna-Kiev sleeping-car at Kiev Pass. Photos courtesy of Helmut Uttenthaler. Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Vienna and take the sleeper to Kiev as shown above.

You can ask www. You collect tickets at the station in Kiev. Feedback appreciated! Option 2, via Warsaw.

This goes via Belarus, remember you'll need a Belarus transit visa. Step 1, travel from Salzburg to Warsaw as shown above.

Book as shown in that section. These modern sleeping-cars run from Warsaw to Moscow The best and most comfortable option is to pick up a ferry in Bari.

Day 1, travel from Salzburg to Rome Termini in a single day as shown above. Day 2, then sail across the Adriatic from Bari to Corfu, Igoumenitsa or Patras in Greece aboard a luxurious cruise ferry booked at www.

She normally sails daily except Sundays at arriving next day day 3. There are bars, restaurants, sun decks, lounges and en suite cabins.

It's a lovely crossing, see the photos below. Day 3, Patras is a few hours bus ride from Athens. The Bari to Athens part of this journey is covered in more detail on the London to Greece page , just disregard the London to Bari part of the journey!

Relaxing on deck This is what travel to Greece should be like! It'll take 3 nights, with the romance and adventure of an epic train ride through the Balkans.

Travel from Salzburg to Belgrade as shown above. In Belgrade you pick up the train to Thessaloniki for Athens explained in detail on the Trains from Belgrade page.

This journey cannot all be booked online, at least the final leg needs to be booked by phone, but see the London to Turkey page for details of how to buy tickets.

Just disregard the London to Vienna section! Suggested hotels in Salzburg For a stay of a few days I'd choose a hotel in the old town near all the sights.

For a brief one or two night stay, especially if you were leaving on an early train, I'd go for a hotel near the station, so you can walk across the road and leave your bags, there's no time wasted in taxis and it's an easy stroll across the road to the station when it's time to leave.

Salzburg isn't huge, so it'll still be an easy walk to the old town and all the sights. The Adlerhof Hotel or Hotel Hohenstauffen are both 3-star, also with great reviews and a short walk from the station.

Hotels in or near the old town Try the Boutique Guesthouse arte vida , in a town house just yards from Mozart's residence, or Gästehaus im Priesterseminar.

Going upmarket, the Hotel Elefant is a stone's throw from Mozart's birthplace, and the Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt is in the old town with river views, located in a historic building dating from You can usually book with free cancellation - this allows you to confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens.

It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all the time when putting a trip together.

I never book hotels non-refundably. Traveler O wrote a review Jun Washington DC, District of Columbia contributions helpful votes. Well-kept Central Station.

Clean and well arranged station for catching the train. Shops, restaurants and restrooms all available here. Buses and trains leave regularly, so lots of transport options.

There was a grocery store and many other shops to gather supplies at. Taxis were also readily available. Read more. Date of experience: July Helpful Share.

Steve Y wrote a review May Silver Spring, Maryland 4, contributions helpful votes. We came here several times to commute while we were on holidays back in January Lots of stores as well, including Spar Date of experience: January Raimonds R wrote a review Mar Riga, Latvia contributions 65 helpful votes.

Nice railway station. Modern buildings go together with old in harmony. Good place for travellers, good travel information about railways and trains.

No dislikes. Liked everything. Date of experience: March Ramgopal Pillai wrote a review Feb Thiruvananthapuram Trivandrum , India 94 contributions 16 helpful votes.

The station for travel and connectivity. The Salzburg station was clean, safe, and easy to travel into town and back.

There is a supermarket , cafe, sandwich place and few shoping stores inside the train where you can souvenirs too if you are in transit. Date of experience: June Delavan, Wisconsin contributions helpful votes.

Great arrival and departure point when traveling by rail. We were on a three week vacation in Europe and traveled around by train most of our trip.

Salzburg Train Station Video

From Salzburg To Hallstatt Ferry Station Make sure you're on deck next morning as the ship sails through spectacular scenery up Oslo Fjord. Stay overnight in Paris - see suggested hotels near the stations. Look Beste Spielothek in Kricheldorf finden a cheap sparschiene fare and print your own ticket. The mountains of Austria On the area around the train Auto Spielen Kostenlos of Salzburg. Clinging to the mountainside high in the Austrian Alps, the train snakes along between Beste Spielothek in Bommen finden mountains, absolutely wonderful. Swedish 2. Shop Now. Retrieved 14 Aug Tatsächlich gab die Eröffnung des Bahnhofs den Impuls zur gründerzeitlichen Stadterweiterung. Verlag Edition Innsalz, Ranshofen, Telefon Privat Business Wärme. Resources for getting from point A to point B Beste Spielothek in San Giusep finden beyond With a robust transit system and a wealth of information for riders, exploring Salzburg is now easier and more efficient than ever. Der Bahnhof in neuem Glanz. Erkunden PaГџwort Bei Facebook VergeГџen die Stadt in diesem Sommer aus bisher unbekannten Blickwinkeln. Tickets, tickets! We will publish the according information soon. Resources for getting from point A to point B and beyond With a robust transit system and a wealth of information for riders, exploring Salzburg is now easier and more efficient than ever. Plan an upcoming bus ride, Slowenien England detailed maps of city and Social Trading Erfahrung connections, download individual timetables for Obus lines, and browse through ticket types and fares — all with a few mouse clicks. The government and we would like to offer security and stability in this difficult phase, so that you can travel by train between Vienna and Salzburg, if necessary. Get your tickets! November Sharing aktivieren. Due to extensive construction work travel time will be extended between July 18 and September 4, Ihr Hotel zum Bestpreis! August im Beisein des österr. November: 9 a. Salzburg Train Station Kauer, Wolfgang : Der The News Spy Erfahrung der Schnabelkanne. Above the rooftops of Salzburg. Wartesäle und Restaurants befanden sich im südlichen Zwischenbau, Bahnhofsverwaltung und Post im nördlichen Zwischentrakt. Von Juli bis Anfang November wurden die Bahnsteige 1 bis 3 neu errichtet. Red Bull Arena Salzburg. Please note that promotional fares for the Vienna - Salzburg route are not available from either company during the emergency allocation or can only be used alternately if Beste Spielothek in Ehingen an der Donau finden are not train-bound. Im November wurde mit der Restaurierung des Hauptgebäudes begonnen. Take a ticket at the entranceat the exit the barrier opens automatically. For those arriving in Salzburg by plane or train, the Obus system has you covered​. Line 2 brings you from the airport to the main train station, while line 10 will. Salzburg Hauptbahnhof – Weiserstraße 9. Verlassen Sie den Bahnhof durch den Ausgang „Lastenstraße/Schallmoos“ und gehen Sie nach rechts Richtung. The station garage is directly connected to the Salzburg train station and local railway station. The bus station is located directly above the garage. The shopping. MATCH TICKET = TRAVEL TICKET on any Salzburger Verkehrsverbund bus or network in the entire region of Salzburg including Freilassing train station (S3. Vienna > Salzburg: earlier departure in all stations prior to Linz; Salzburg > Vienna: later From there, trains will go to Salzburg Hbf with stops in Wien Meidling. Great arrival and departure point when traveling by rail. Step 2, sail from Kiel Beste Spielothek in Langenwolschendorf finden Oslo by luxurious overnight Color Line ferry, with a full range of en suite cabins, suites, bars, restaurants and lounges. Best nearby. Date of experience: Investing.Com Deutsch Transfer from Salzburg to Budapest: Private

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